TEM-simulator is an open source program intended for simulation of transmission electron microscope images and tilt series of biological samples. The program is developed at the Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University, and the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. To download the source code and documentation, use the links below, or visit sourceforge.net/projects/tem-simulator/ to see a list of all available files.

Source files

Source files for TEM-simulator are available for download here:


A user manual is available here (also included in the source file download):


The following examples demonstrate how to use TEM-simulator:


H. Rullgård, L.-G. Öfverstedt, S. Masich, B. Daneholt, and O. Öktem, Simulation of transmission electron microscope images of biological specimens, Journal of Microscopy, 242 (2011). The full article will be sent by email on request.


If you have questions about TEM-simulator, please email hans.rullgard at gmail.com.